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We Go Beyond Commercial Development to Empower Communities.

E-Fix Development Corp is a community redevelopment company specializing in rebuilding communities through strategic commercial acquisitions. We are experts at leveraging our resources to develop landmarks that are true assets within our targeted communities.

Our team has a vision to revitalize distressed areas into thriving communities to live, work and play. Our developments create opportunities to support the needs of small businesses and residents that will foster stronger, empowered communities.

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What We Do

General Contracting & Construction

With a strong network of financing and contracting specialists, E-Fix is able to develop or redevelop high-quality properties from the ground up.

Real Estate Investment

Our aggressive long term investment plan allows us to leverage our current assets and invest in targeted communities within the Charlotte Area.

Property Acquisions

Through strategic acquisitions, our goal is to redevelop commercial and residential properties that provide value in alignment with the community needs.

Asset Portfolio

If you would like to sell a commercial asset in the Charlotte-Metro area, please contact us. We are currently seeking to place competitive bids for commercial properties.
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Our Pillars of Focus

Small Business Development

By creating opportunities to support the needs of small businesses we will create stronger, empowered communities.

Art Infusion

We infuse artistic culture in our developments in a way that encourages conversations that engage the surrounding communities.

Community Engagement

Our projects are centered around stabilization and empowering the voice of the community.

“If we desire to build developments for those of tomorrow, we must continue to reimagine the box as we create the visions we put in place today.”